White Marble Carrara Campanili

White Carrara Campanili marble is a medium-fine white grain lithotype with light grey veins.

Its shade, uniformity and durability make it one of the most valued and precious material of the Carrara area.

White marble Carrara Campanili thanks also to its shininess is suitable for flooring and cladding, the material is specified for interior and exterior jobs.

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Gallery White Carrara Marble Campanili

Material Detail White Carrara Marble Campanili

Physical and mechanical characteristics

Compressive strenght kg/cm² 1563
Ditto after gelivity kg/cm² 1478
Micro hardness Knoop kg/mm² 130
Thermal Coeff. Expansion E 06/°C 0,0045
Water absorption % in peso 0,23
Bulk density kg/m² 2667
Impact test min. fall height kg/cm.  48
Linear elasticity module kg/cm² 625000
Tensile strength kg/cm² 181