Cava Campanili

The white marble Carrara Campanili comes from quarry 148, situated in the Colonnata basin Carrara (MS)

The material quarried is an exclusivity of the Successori Adolfo Corsi

From quarry 148 Cima Campanili A we quarry a veined white marble that depending on the quality is usually classified as Extra, C ,CD ,D.

White Carrara Campanili marble is a medium-fine white grain lithotype with light grey veins.

Its shade, uniformity and durability make it one of the most valued and precious material of the Carrara area.

White marble Carrara Campanili thanks also to its shininess is suitable for flooring and cladding, the material is specified for interior and exterior jobs.

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Calagio Quarry Gallery

Materials extracted from the Quarry Campanili

From the quarry 148 Cima Campanili A we extract white veined marble which is commonly classified depending on the quality in Extra, C, CD, D.

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