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The Successori Adolfo Corsi welcomes you in her website.

The Successori Adolfo Corsi can boast an international reputation in the stone industry, acquired over time thanks to uncommon skills and foresight.

Born at the dawn of the 1800s, the company Corsi reaches its own stability by virtue of the high professional profile they have managed over the centuries, so much to gain trust and recognition in the national and foreign operators and become a solid reference point for the sector, as well as pride for the city of Carrara.

From Quarry 184 we quarry the well-known white marble Carrara Campanili

that depending on the quality is usually classified as Extra, C, CD, D.

Its shade, uniformity and durability make it one of the most valued and precious material of the Carrara area.

White marble Carrara Campanili thanks also to its shininess is suitable for flooring and cladding, the material is specified for interior and exterior jobs

Cava Campanili

Based in the heart of the Apuan Alps in the Colonnata basin, the quarry 148 Cima Campanili A is one of the majestic and renowned of the entire Carrara area due of the quality of the matierial quarried.

From here we quarry the well-known white marble Carrara Campanili that depending on the quality is usually classified as Extra, C ,CD ,D.

The quarried blocks are carefully checked and selected to assure our customers the best quality on the market.

Cava Calagio

The quarry 162 Calagio, takes its name from the place near Colonnata (MS). Quarried since early 1900 in its lower part, nowadays is quarried in its upper one.

The material extracted is Bardiglio Magnifico, dark grey marble that is specified for interior and exterior jobs.

Bardiglio Magnifico Collection

This is a selection of modern finishing of the material.

In this binder we offer to our customers a wide range.

Depending on the finishing the material takes different looks making it an unique and adaptable material.

The collection aims to promote the material giving our clients a wide range of choice to get the best results in claddings and projects.

Storage area

Dedicated to “Piero Calchini” longtime president of the company, is based at Calagio near Colonnata. Here White Carrara Campanili Marble and Bardiglio Magnifico’s  blocks are shown in all their quality and types.

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