Marmo Bardiglio Magnifico Calagio

Dark grey marble, fine grain with thick light grey veins. Grey colour depends on microcrystalline pyrite.

Blocks usually have dimensions adaptable to diamond gangsaws ( 3,20×1,50×1,40 m), they have, when allowed from the quarry state,a side parallel to the vein direction to make possible cross cuts or vein cuts.

Slabs usually have 2 or 3 cm. thickness but for particular jobs they can have a minimum thickness of 1 cm.

The best result for this material when cut in slabs is polished or honed. The material is specified for interior and exterior jobs.

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Marble Gallery Bardiglio Magnifico Calagio

Material detail Marble Bardiglio Magnifico Calagio

Physical and mechanical characteristics

Compressive strenght kg/cm² 1455
Ditto after gelivity kg/cm² 1418
Ultimate tensil strenght kg/cm² 208
Thermal Coeff. Expansion °C 4,9
Water absorption % in peso 0,12
Bulk density kg/m² 2698
Impact test min. fall height cm. 28,8
Linear elasticity module kg/cm² 835000
Abrasion coefficent mm. 4,55