Marble Bardiglio Magnifico Calagio

Successori Adolfo Corsi then started to extract this grey marble named Bardiglio Magnifico.

Bardiglio Magnifico is extracted in the following colour shades: Dark and light with 45 degree veins Nuvolato, dark and light with uniform veins

Calagio quarry takes its name from the Calagio Village close to Colonnata, Carrara. At the beginning of the twentieth century the company Successori Adolfo Corsi extracted white Calagio marble from the lower part of the mountain.

In this quarry the quarrying started with the machinery used at that time, the first cut to the mountain was given using a helical wire introduced by the founder of the company Adolfo Corsi,  a pioneer  of the international marble industry.  In the year 2000 quarrying started again by the company Successori Adolfo Corsi on the upper part of the mountain  where in the early twentieth century a quarry of Bardiglio marble had been discovered.

Giulio Corsi

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Dark grey marble, fine grain with gentle light grey veins. The Grey colour depends on microcrystalline pyrite. Normal block dimensions (320x150x140 cm) are adaptable to any gang saw machines, blocks are suitable, because of the way of quarrying, to be cut into slabs with a side parallel to the vein direction or cross cut.

Thickness could be 2 or 3 cm, but for special projects other thicknesses can also be available.

The slabs are usually finished in polished or honed, although other finishes are available on request.
The material can be used for interior or exterior use.

Bardiglio Magnifico  can be also supplied in modern finishes:
Artistic Bush Hammered – Sandblasted- Waterjet – Brushed – Bamboo – Scottish.

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